ORLANDO, Fla. — Democrats voted in record numbers ahead of Tuesday's primary election day, the Florida Democratic Party says.

Early votes and vote-by-mail numbers were still being tallied earlier this week, but the party says it's already ahead of the 2016 presidential primary.

For Florida voters Tuesday, some polling locations were relocated or closed because of coronavirus concerns.

"We are limiting our meetings. We're not doing face-to-face with the voters. We are working remotely,"  Florida Democratic Party Communications Director Luisana Perez said.

The party said voters used other tools to get their ballot in, and the numbers show it.

"Early voting and vote-by-mail — a lot of people were using those two tools because of the fear of the coronavirus, and we have seen unprecedented numbers," Perez said.

In Orange County, election workers were seen using hand sanitizer while talking to voters.

"We provided them with gloves, we provided with wipes, we provided hand sanitizer," Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles said.

Cowles said Tuesday voting was slow across the county for a variety of reasons.

"(It's) barely going to be over 25% total turnout, but vote-by-mail, early voting and Election Day," Cowles said.

Seminole County election leaders said they followed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to avoid spreading the coronavirus, even taking an extra step.

"In rooms where we had more room, we spread out the voting booths, to be able to comply with the request for social distancing," Supervisor of Elections Chris Anderson said.

Seminole also saw lower voter turnout Tuesday.

"(There was) 22 percent overall turnout. That was a lot less than (20)16," Anderson said.

The Florida Democratic Party said Tuesday it's clear to them that Democrats across the state are energized for change in 2020.

"It's all about engaging the voters where they are, talking to them about the issues they care about, especially why we need to defeat Trump," Perez said.

The party said early turnout this year was at 21% and they expect that number to grow.