CASSELBERRY, Fla. – The owners of the Deer Run Golf Course in Casselberry are planning to build a 211-single family subdivision on the course.

Here are five things to know about the project.

1. A pre-application has been submitted to Seminole County by the owners of the Deer Run Golf Course which has been closed since May of last year. The project would be for a 211 single family subdivision within the boundary of the the golf course.

2. According to the Development proposal:

-Lot sizes consistent with the existing development.

-Access through the existing development.

-Usable open space.

-New homes increasing property values of existing homes.

-Additional HOA revenue for the entire development.

3. According to Seminole County, the pre-application information is now under review and county staff will provide comments back to the applicant. If the applicant chooses to have a development review committee meeting then that will be held on March 18th.

4. Planning and Development Division Manager for Seminole County, Rebecca Hammock, says the land is not currently zoned for this type of development, and that a major amendment to the planned development would be required to develop the property as proposed.

5. Residents of the Deer Run community started a web-site; and over 1,000 homes have a "Save Deer Run," sign in their yard.