COCOA, Fla. – Some may have heard a loud boom in the Cocoa industrial area around noon Thursday.

  • Rocket Crafters has "anomaly" during engine test
  • The facility now has a hole in its roof and on the side of the building
  • Workers were cleared from the area before the test, none were hurt

The cause was an anomaly during a test at the Rocket Crafters plant.​​

The damage left behind was from what Rocket Crafters say was on over-pressurization anomaly during an R&D test of one of its rocket engines.

There's a large hole in the facility's roof, one of the side of the building and debris on the ground.

We're told as standard safety procedures, workers were cleared from the test bay before the test, and no one was hurt.

Rocket Crafters invited Spectrum News 13 to its plant in July of 2019 to observe a 550-pound hybrid rocket engine test like the one on Thursday.

The upstart company said it's working to make simpler and cheaper rockets to drive down the cost to get to space.

The team is building up to the launch of their Intrepid 1 rocket to soon be launched from Cape Canaveral.

Rocket Crafters says it is investigating to determine what went wrong with the test.