MELBOURNE, Fla. — Eau Gallie High School students often get their hands on planes, but now they're working on items that will go into space.

In September, NASA approached Eau Gallie High School to be part of NASA's Hunch program. Then, in October, students started building hundreds of pieces of hardware that will be sent to the International Space Station in the next two months.

Here are five things to know about the Hunch program at Eau Gallie:

1. About 60 students help build Extravehicular Wires for future spacewalks at the International Space Station.

2. Students are finishing 93 panels for flight lockers used to transfer equipment, food, and other items aboard the ISS.

3. Eight students were the first high school students in the nation to receive their National Aerospace/Aircraft Assembly certification.

4. The students' next project for NASA will be working on the handles that go inside the ISS, since astronauts must use their hands to maneuver around the station and not their feet.

5. At the end of February, students will be part of one of the first groups to get a behind-the-scenes tour of Blue Origin's facility. That's the aerospace company owned by Amazon magnate Jeff Bezos.