SANFORD, Fla. — As the coronavirus continues to spread, one Central Florida business could play a crucial role in keeping it contained. The CEO of World Housing Solution in Sanford is now designing mobile units to help control the spread of the virus.

Here’s what you should know about the business:

1. What does the company do? World Housing Solution provides mobile units for the military.

2. Where have they sent units? It sent units to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to provide housing for people displaced by disaster.

3. Who's seeking help? CEO Ron Ben-Zeev says he’s getting calls from world leaders concerned about the coronavirus.

4. Where are these units being sent? Government officials in the Philippines, the first country to report a coronavirus death outside of China, have asked the Sanford company to send mobile units their way so they can quarantine people who could be infected with the virus.

5. What's next? Ben-Zeev says WHS is traveling to Asia in three weeks to help install units designed to contain the spread of coronavirus.​