ORLANDO, Fla. — Orange County teacher Daniel Germain was nominated to be an A+ Teacher anonymously by one of his students.

The instructor brings laughter and positive vibes to the classroom while constantly coming up with ways to help students understand a very difficult subject.

Germain has a bona fide love for Latin and equally loves teaching it at Timber Creek High School in Orlando.

"You take Latin you learn about science. You take Latin you learn about philosophy. You take Latin you learn about history. You take Latin you learn about mythology. It ties in all of these different areas,” he explained.

Two of his students say they like Germain's class so much that they've taken it all four years of high school

Student Wanqi Yuan told Spectrum News 13, "He's more than a teacher. He's a mentor."

"He's a really important part of my life, and I come in here all of the time, and he's taught me how to put full effort into things,” said student Justin Bell.

Germain is deeply honored to be nominated as an A+ Teacher and stresses that learning really is a two-way street, whether he's helping his students seize the day by competing in Latin competitions or traveling abroad to Italy together.

"They're bringing me all of this new information too that I just find so fascinating, and they start to teach me just as much as I end up teaching them."