ORLANDO, Fla. -- Dr. Enid Santos Cintron, a doctor in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, said more medical physicians and supplies are needed to help people on the island. 

  • Puerto Rican doctors says island needs more medical help
  • She says she and two other doctors have treated hundreds 
  • Medical physicians and supplies are needed

She said she and two other doctors, including a psychologist, have cared for at least 350 patients since Tuesday.

They provide treatment from tents because her clinic was damaged during the earthquakes. 

She said more psychologists are needed because the children show sign of stress, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. 

Latino Leadership, a Central Florida organization, plans to collect medical supplies and help send doctors to the island.

Hispanic Federation teamed up with 67 other nonprofits to send funds. And Jesus de Nazaret Episcopal, in Azaela Park, temaed up with 80 other Episcopal churches to also send funds.