TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Most of us are used to people driving “Fords,” but what about flying one?

  • Pilots offering rides, tours of the 1929 Ford Tri-Motor
  • It's been a passenger plane, crop duster, war bomber
  • Pilots hoping this inspires young people to become pilots
  • LINK: Upcoming Ford flights

The 1929 Ford Tri-Motor, which paved the way for traveling around the globe and set the stage for commercial flight, first flew in August of that year.

It's the vision of Henry Ford, who revolutionized​ the car assembly line and brought the idea to building airplanes.

This plane has been a passenger plane, crop duster, and war bomber.

Its role over the past several decades is giving rides through the Experimental Aircraft Association.

“(We’re) trying to expose people of all ages to aviation, but especially young people today, because there's an impending pilot shortage coming up, and we need to spark that interest in the younger generation,” said Steve Lambrick with Ford Tri-Motor Pilot.

Tours and rides of the plane will be offered this weekend at the Valiant Air Command, based at the Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville.