MELBOURNE, Fla. — Drivers in south Brevard County should ​expect traffic delays in the coming weeks as Virgin Trains crews install tracks that will see near-high speed trains.

Those areas include heavily used roads such as New Haven Boulevard and Strawbridge Avenue in Melbourne, which split the downtown area.

As the project takes shape, some Brevard residents are still upset that the trains will have no stops in their county.

Carey Lucas stays busy running Betty's Antiques, where something old is always something new.

But there's something new about to come down the railroad tracks paralleling their 100-year-old building in downtown Melbourne.

It's the second phase of Virgin Trains' passenger rail line, connecting Orlando International Airport and areas of South Florida.

But Lucas, like many others, is upset the private trains will not stop in Brevard during their trips.

"It's not going to make a lot of difference if it's not going to make a stop here and let people out," Lucas said, meaning that potential business for Brevard shops and restaurants will just fly right on by.​

"Visit, shop, go to the restaurants," she said. "Not happening."

The train will travel nonstop more than 50 miles in Brevard County, at one point through downtown Melbourne.

Workers will install a second set of tracks at crossings between Babcock Street south to University Boulevard over the coming days along the Florida East Coast Railway.

In the meantime, Lucas is still holding out hope the trains will one day hit the brakes near her business.

"Hopefully, I'll still be here to see it," Lucas said.

 ​Virgin Trains, formerly called Brightline, has said it would like to see stations every 50 to 60 miles. The project is expected be complete by 2022.