MELBOURNE, Fla. — Eight malnourished, ailing dogs found abandoned outside an animal shelter are recovering, thanks to the SPCA of Brevard, which is giving them a second chance by finding them new homes.

Here's what you need to know about the case, and when you can check them out:

1. Brevard County officials on Tuesday found eight small dogs in one crate abandoned outside the Melbourne animal shelter. The dogs were severely malnourished, matted, covered in urine and feces, and had various injuries.

2. The dogs were taken to the SPCA in Titusville where overnight, they received treatment for their injuries and were groomed.

3. Some of the dogs are doing better than others. The SPCA two of the dogs needed blood transfusions. One of the dogs will have one of her eyes removed, while another will likely have a leg amputated.  

4. The dogs will currently be placed in foster homes while they heal, Later, they'll be made available for adoption to find a more permanent home. right now all of the dogs have foster homes to stay. 

5. If you would like to keep up with the animals' progress, check out the SPCA Titusville chapter's Facebook page.