ORLANDO, Fla. — Hundreds of children in Central Florida will be spending the holidays in foster homes. 

Parents Amy and Jordan Grier fill their house with laughter.

And the two you'll hear laughing the loudest are twins Winnie and Jordie. 

But the Griers say they weren’t always laughing. 

“They were in really tough shape…when Winnie came it was just full of prescription medications, Jordie had just come out of the hospital, they had been hospitalized several times that year,” Amy Grier said.

When they first came under the Griers' care in 2015, Amy says despite their size, you would’ve never known the twins were 10 months old. 

“They could not even hold their heads up, they were like newborn babies, they couldn’t roll over, they barely cried, they didn’t laugh,” Grier said.

The Griers got to work helping the twins get back on track developmentally.  

“Occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, lots of therapies,” Grier said.

But for them it was all worth it to hear the twins' laughter.

“They slowly progressed, they are doing fantastic,” Grier said.

Maureen Brockman with Embrace Families says they’ve seen time and time again how much a loving home can turn around a struggling child’s life. 

“When we give them the network, the safety net they need, we push them when they need to be pushed, and understand and support them. They accomplish much more and succeed much more frequently than we ever would’ve imagined,” Brockman said.

And Jordan and Winnie's growth and progress will continue. They’ll be with the Griers forever, Amy and Jordan adopted them last year.

“And to see those moments of full transformation, that’ the best thing in the world when it comes to fostering,” Amy Grier said.