ORLANDO, Fla. — TSA officials this week released the findings of their internal investigation into the death of Orlando TSA employee Robert Henry, but his mother says the truth didn't come out.

The Transportation Security Administration investigation determined there was no evidence of bullying against Henry, who took his own life at Orlando International Airport, and that he was treated like any other employee. However, Henry’s mother, Sylvia, tells Spectrum News 13 she's upset by the report.

“(I’m) disappointed the truth didn’t come out,” Sylvia Henry said. “TSA investigated TSA, and no matter what, they protected themselves and put out the info they wanted to put in their report.”

Following the TSA investigation, Robert Henry’s family is now writing a letter to congressional leaders in the hope that members of Congress who oversee TSA will read their letter.

In the letter, Sylvia Henry says she wants Congress to see the effects that management has on TSA's front-line employees. She also wants legislators to understand that by treating employees poorly, they are putting national security at risk with a poor work environment.

The TSA report also notes that a coworker of Robert Henry’s overheard him having suicidal thoughts. According to his mother, she knew nothing about that.

“If that is true, then someone should have not walked, but run, to help my son,” Sylvia Henry said. “We never heard of any of this type of behavior from our son until this report.”

Another finding in the TSA report was the statement Robert Henry wrote the morning he took his own life. After another employee turned him in for sleeping on the job, Henry said he had a toothache and was unable to seek professional medical assistance as a result of financial uncertainty related to the government shutdown at the time.

According to Sylvia Henry, her son had insurance to take care of the toothache but did not enjoy going to the dentist. She also said that she and her husband gave Robert money during the government shutdown.

Sylvia Henry is adamant that a poor work environment led to her son taking his own life.

“The front-line workers go through training, and it’s a manager’s job to guide and support them,” she said. “The job of those on the front line is to work and protect people, not to be harassed.”

The family has hired an attorney and is now conducting its own investigation.