PORT ORANGE, Fla. — A fight broke out at Atlantic High School Thursday, putting the school on code red lockdown and leading to the arrests of 11 students and an adult.

  • 11 students, 1 adult arrested following a fight at Atlantic High
  • Authorities have not yet confirmed what started the fight

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said the fight happened between multiple parties around noon in the school's courtyard. Details of what caused the fight have not been released yet.

However, it took officers from Port Orange and South Daytona police departments, and sheriff's deputies to get the fight under control. 

The sheriff's office says no one was hurt. The only weapons found, according to the sheriff's office, were brass knuckles, which were brought on campus by the 18-year-old who was arrested. 

“He was stopped immediately after he got on campus by our officers, so there was really no threat, but he certainly wasn't here for any legitimate purpose or anything good," said Port Orange Police Chief Thomas Grimaldi.

A school administrator confirmed that medical services were brought to the campus, as several students had a asthma attack, and one custodian was having chest pains. However, no one was transported.

The students were released back to their parents at the end of the school day after the lockdown was lifted.