ORLANDO, Fla. — High schools and college students can now start applying for scholarships that will honor the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

The onePULSE Foundation is working with the victims’ families to never forget the 49 by starting a scholarship program.

“They had aspirations, they had dreams, they had jobs taken away from them. So the scholarships are reflection of their legacy, true legacy of what they wanted to do in their lifetime,“ said onePULSE Foundation Executive Director Barbara Poma.

The scholarships award up to $10,000 annually, and a person can reapply.

“Each scholarship is designated by the angel and their actual aspiration. Amanda Alvear wanted to become a nurse, so her scholarship is for someone wants to become a nurse. Corey Connell wanted to become a firefighter, so if someone wants to go a fire academy, they are specific. There are a couple that the family designated for open scholarship,” Poma said.

Applications are open for all students. They can apply online. Part of the process is explaining their personal story, and the foundation is looking for those with leadership and community involvement qualities.

“Special consideration will be given the victim’s family members and survivors, and (we) really encourage them all to apply,” Poma said.

The application process is open until January 30. The first scholarships will be effective for the Fall 2021 school year.