ORLANDO, Fla. — November 30, 2019 marks the end of hurricane season and it's time to recycle your hurricane kit. 

Here's a few things you can do to make sure what's in there is put to good use:

1. Clear all liquids from your hurricane kit first. If the liquids spill on the rest of the items, it can ruin them. 

2. Make sure to check the expiration date on the food in your kit. Although it's non-perishable, it can still go bad. 

3. You can donate any food that you don't want anymore at your local food bank. It's a big help for those who need it most. 

4. You can dispose of any expired gasoline at a recycling center, waste disposal site, auto parts store or even a fire department. But make sure to transport it in a secure, sealed container. 

5. Make sure to keep batteries that work, a flashlight and a satellite radio handy. The winter months are when Central Florida gets hit with severe weather. So, if your power goes out, at least you would have supplies and you're prepared. 

6. You can always stock up now for next hurricane season. Hurricane supply checklist: