KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Lawmakers in Osceola County hosted their legislative delegation on Tuesday, November 19.

  • Issues like coal ash storage, affordable housing brought up
  • HOA reform was also a hot button issue at the meeting
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State Representatives Mike La Rosa, Josie Tomkow, and John Cortes, and Sen. Victor Torres listened to at least 30 constituents speak out about different issues in the community.

They discussed a range of things like coal ash storage, affordable housing, mental health awareness, and so forth.

But one of the items that took the most time during the meeting were residents complaining about their Homeowners Associations. They were asking for HOA reform.

Maria Napolitano a resident at Turnberry Reserve said her HOA lacks transparency, and that there’s also fraudulent activity.

“We’re in legal battles right now, coming out of own pockets. Because we don’t have the HOA funds to fight, so we’re stuck. Where do we go? So I pose this question to you... What are our options? We are residents, we’re working hard, we just need a resolution to this and we need it quickly,” Napolitano said.

Osceola County commissioners Peggy Choudhry and Fred Hawkins weighed in, telling lawmakers that they supported the lawmakers’ efforts in Tallahassee when it comes to this.

Cortes said this is his last term as a state representative and hopes he can pass the four different bills he’s working on regarding HOA recalls and HOA elections.