OVIEDO, Fla. — It is a busy time for Megan Sladek, the mayor-elect of Oviedo.

Not only is she getting ready for a new job, but her already busy home life just got busier with a newborn baby.

Sladek will be sworn into office next week.

“I’m just trying to get up to speed on all of the new projects that are going on in Oviedo,” Sladek said.

Before winning the election in early November, Sladek already had Oviedo city government experience. She served on city council for two years, so she knows what issues concern Oviedo residents.

Development and traffic are big issues in the city because it’s growing quickly.

Sladek said managing growth responsibly, and balancing competing forces; those for growth and others who want to slow it down is a top priority for her.

“We’re about to begin a visioning process to redo the entire comprehensive plan, and I think it’s going to be critical for people in Oviedo who are interested in changing the trajectory to get involved in that process,” Sladek said.

Sladek won't just be busy tackling Oviedo issues and concerns. The already mother of two, gave birth to a baby boy less than a week after winning the election.  

“It’s a very natural thing. In other countries, that’s how moms operate. They just, you’re out working, out comes a baby, and they get back to whatever it was they were doing before,” said Sladek.  

Sladek will be sworn December 2 and serve a two-year term.