ORLANDO, Fla. — An investigation is underway after an Air Transat flight from Cuba heading to Toronto diverted to Orlando to make an emergency landing.

  • Air Transat flight 691 had 178 passengers
  • Airline investigating cause of emergency
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There were 178 people on board Air Transat flight 691 flying to Toronto. No one was injured in the emergency landing.

“They announced they were going to make an emergency landing in Orlando,” said passenger Roger Brodhagen, who was flying home after a vacation.

Brodhagen said about an hour into the flight passengers were told that a warning light came on and they were going to land in Orlando.

Fellow passenger Tania Fernandez and her family said the worst part actually came after the plane landed at Orlando International Airport.

"Unfortunately, the bad started after that, where we had to sit in the plane two to three hours," Fernandez said.

The passengers also had to go through customs to get their luggage and wait to get on a different flight to Toronto, according to Fernandez. They were all provided a $20 food voucher by the airline. 

The airline is currently investigating the cause of the in-flight emergency.