ORLANDO, Fla. — Freedom High School students with the Latinos in Action program are helping their peers with disabilities using music therapy.

Here's what you should know about their work:

1. After-School Program: Latinos in Action (LIA) is a leadership program Orange County Public Schools added it to its after-school programs in 2017.

2. Leadership: The students in the program mentor other students, get involved in the community, and help their peers while they develop leadership skills.

3. Size: The program at Freedom High School is the largest in the school district with more than 60 students. 

4. Music Therapy: The Freedom High School students in LIA began to incorporate music therapy this year and help Exceptional Student Education students. 

5. Mentorship: The Freedom High School students in LIA also mentor John Young Elementary students. 

To learn more about Latinos in Action, watch the video above.