BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Hundreds of volunteers in Brevard County spent Veterans Day giving back and, at the same time, honoring those who served.

The event was part of L3Harris' new community service program, L3Harris Investing for Tomorrow, or LIFT for short.

"A volunteer event, on a special day, Veteran's Day," L3Harris CEO William Brown said. "And honor the men and women who served our country."

Employee and retired Marine Corp Lt. Colonel Eric Burke knows exactly what care packages will do.

"It would just light up my day," Burke said.

Burke served 22 years in the military, two tours in Iraq, and would spend weeks out in the dangerous war zone.

"We'd get back to our spaces from the field and there's a care package waiting for us," he said.

"Whenever we got a care package it was like Christmas," U.S. Army veteran​ Tayna Earwood said.

Earwood works in the company's space sector. She spent four years in the Army working on Blackhawk Helicopters.

"Like Christmas in the summer, in the middle of Somalia," Earwood said.

Burke and Earwood now work for L3 Harris and are among the 6,500 employees company-wide who have served our country. And they are among the 500 local employees putting together 7,000 of the care packages for Second Harvest of Central Florida.

Both of them agree, any type of food or care package, no matter where it goes, is appreciated.

"It's so emotional for me, I love being a part of this," Earwood said.

"You never knew what was in there, but whatever it was, you knew it was good," Burke said.

L3 Harris is also teaming up with the Orlando Magic at Monday night's game for the Seats for Soldiers event, where veterans and active duty military will be recognized.

(Editor's note: Originally, it was stated that 700 care packages had been put together. The correct number is 7,000.)