TAVARES, Fla. — Lake County is now a “Second Amendment Sanctuary,” and county commissioners say that means that law abiding gun owners are safe from having their firearms taken away. 

On Tuesday, commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the resolution. The move means law enforcement will not have to use resources to enforce gun control laws. 

"This resolution draws a line in the sand," said Commissioner Josh Blake, the sponsor of the resolution. "It doesn't mince words."

Blake said the resolution was in response by recent pushes to push stricter gun control laws, and especially calls for mandatory gun buybacks by some presidential candidates. 

The Lake County sheriff, Peyton Grinnell, also supports the measure.

“And really what this is just a united front between the sheriff and the county commissioners, and they're just putting their stance out there,” said sheriff dept. spokesman John Herrell.

Commissioners say the intent of the resolution is to protect law-abiding gun owners, and not to enforce any gun control measures that violate the Second amendment.

Not everyone agrees the resolution is necessary though.

“From my perspective it's grandstanding," said Eustis Commissioner Robert Morin. "It's pretty much an issue that the state has control over. And even counties are not allowed to make any restrictions on gun use or gun sales."