PORT ORANGE, Fla. — Port Orange officials said they have temporarily shut down the city’s online payment system due to a possible data breach.

In a press release, city officials said the company that develops its payment system for utilities billing and taxes, Click2Gov, informed them they wanted to investigate “an unconfirmed software issue that may have resulted in vulnerabilities.”

Port Orange officials said they suspended this system at 11 a.m. Friday as a precaution while a cybersecurity firm investigates the possible breach.

They said it will stay shut down until the system is safe to use again.

The city said the systems it’s implemented to detect security breaches have not alerted officials to any “significant suspicious activity.”

Only unscheduled online payments have been suspended, Port Orange said, and that it will refund late charges associated with the system suspension.

In September, the city of Palm Bay was hit by a data breach while using the same software for its online payments — Click2Gov.