GOTHA, Fla. — Residents of Gotha today went to the Orange County commissioners meeting to ask for help and share their concerns about rising water levels in their town.

While presenting to the commissioners, residents showed photos of their community and informed leaders that their homes were not in a flood zone when they bought their homes -- now they are.

Public Works Interim Director Diana Almodovar said she has been out to Gotha and understands residents’ concerns.

“I did go out there, and have been out there several times to see the water rising and there is always a concern when water is rising in any lake. Many lakes have experienced water rising and we are addressing each and every one of them,” Almodovar said.

Residents also voiced their concerns about their Base Flood Elevation changing without any notice by the county. They are also upset that many of their homes, according to the county, are now below the new BFE.