GOTHA, Fla. — Residents in Gotha, about 20 minutes outside of downtown Orlando, have seen water levels from nearby ponds and lakes rise so high, people have had to abandon their flooded homes.

The four bodies of water that have residents concerned are Lake Nally, Gotha Pond, Mills Pond, and Lake Fischer.

Some residents in Gotha have also seen their properties go from not being in a flood zone, to being in a flood zone — being required to purchase flood insurance by their mortgage company.

The county says Lake Nally is a private, not a public water body. The county also says they are amenable to discussing options for the homeowners to undertake any flooding on Lake Nally Woods Drive.

District One County Commissioner Betsy Vanderlay, which oversees Gotha, contacted Spectrum News 13, telling us "there is no magic bullet to solve this,” and that she is “continuing to work with county staff to assist with the issue."