SANFORD, Fla. — Speed dating is a common practice nowadays for adult singles. Now, the Boys and Girls Club in Seminole County is doing something very similar, but with a twist — it's called “Pathway to Success.”

  • Boys and Girls Club in Sanford hosting career "speed dating" event
  • Event is called "Pathway to Success," which organziers hope to do more of
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Kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Sanford know what they want to be when you ask them, but the organization at least wants their members to know what else is out there.

Trevon Dixon is 14 years old and a freshman at Seminole High School. He wants to be a basketball player but came to “Pathway to Success” with an open mind.

“So we got companies, and I’m trying to go around and see what they teach, and I want to know about what they work for," Dixon explained. "Like on the street, I don’t get a chance like this to do it. I’m blessed to do something like this.”

The “speed dating” event lasted 90 minutes, and with about 40 others middle schoolers and high schoolers speed meet businesses and get a crash course into other career paths and professions.

“My main (goal) is one of the companies to at least reach one of the kids," said Travis Knight, Boys and Girls Club of Sanford Service Director. "I just hope for all the kids to turn on a light bulb to let them know it’s not just about sports or like just doing the regular.”

As for Dixon, he thinks if basketball doesn’t pan out, then a job in the field where he can use his hands   like construction can be a real option.

“I’ll be a house builder, someone that builds a house,” Dixon said with a smile.

Dixon has a while to go before committing to a job or career path, but in the meantime, the Boys and Girls Club wants to do their part in letting him and all their participants know there's a world of endless possibilities out there.

Today was the first time the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida has done in event like in Seminole County, and the hope is to do them more often and eventually nationwide.