ORLANDO, Fla. — The Trump administration says it plans to ban the vast majority of flavored e-cigarettes used for vaping.

The move comes after at least six deaths have been possibly linked to vaping and hundreds of illnesses.

The White House is citing the growing use of e-cigarettes by adolescents as the reason for the proposed ban. But some vapers and vaping business owners are concerned if products are banned, then more people might actually get sick from non-regulated products.

Daniel Faust frequents Fast Eddie’s Vape shop and lounge. He says after smoking a pack a day for years, he used vaping to quit smoking.

"A lot healthier community, a lot healthier environment,” Faust said.

He's been vaping now for nine years and says he's never experienced health concerns. Faust says he makes sure to only buy products he knows have been regulated by the FDA for his safety.

“I don’t even buy anything online, I’d rather buy from somebody I know somebody I trust,” Faust said.

Owner of Fast Eddie’s Matthew Kleizo says all his products have to be regulated.

“All of our products we have to register on the FDA referrals website. Everything has to be put in there with all the flavors and everything we put in there,” Kleizo said.

But at least 6 deaths across the U.S. and hundreds of illnesses are now possibly being linked to vaping.

The Trump administration cites a growing trend among youth to use flavored e-cigarrettes, which is why they announced Wednesday they plan to ban all flavored e-cigs except for tobacco.

But Kleizo says the ones making people sick are found on the black market.

“They’re lumping e-cigarettes and the black market THC vapes together as one, and it’s not true,” Kleizo said.

Kleizo believes the vaping industry is so large, that if a ban is put in place, more people would get black market products, and get sick or die.

“It’s going to make it worse,” Kleizo said.

Faust says it would be a shame to ban something that has helped him get healthier.

“I hope they don’t ban a product like this that helps people stop smoking cigarettes and stop smoking tobacco,” Faust said.

The White House says it could several weeks before they roll out the official ban.