DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is working on a way to safely free two trapped manatees — a cow and her calf — from a structure at the Halifax Harbor Marina, the agency said Monday.

It's believed the situation is storm-related. The manatees have been trapped in the structure since Sept. 5.


The structure presents complications for rescuing the manatees. The agency cited "steep slopes, major depth, dangerous conditions overall" as factors complicating the effort to free the pair.

FWC said it will meet with City of Daytona Beach Public Works staff to find a solution. Public Works staff say cutting a makeshift door in the wall trapping the manatees in is not an option because it would endanger the manatee cow.

Officials said their focus will be on safety for both the animals and rescuers as they work on a solution.