ORLANDO, Fla. — Remy Joseph was in Orlando on vacation when Hurricane Dorian hit his village on Abaco Island in the Bahamas.

  • Remy Joseph says Coopers Town destroyed by Dorian
  • Village made up of Haitian immigrants who rely on farming
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His village, also known as Coopers Town, was completely destroyed. According to Joseph, his village will likely be without power for up to a year.

Joseph's village is primarily made up of Haitian immigrants who rely on farming. However, with the flooding caused by Dorian people in his village are now without jobs and their homes.

While Abaco might be at a standstill now, Joseph is moving a mile a minute to do everything he can to help his village get back up on its feet with bottled water, clothes, food, and help from whoever can afford to give it.

He also says his village needs tools, chainsaws, nails, and screws to start rebuilding homes.

To learn more about Joseph’s story, watch the video above.