MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. — A Central Florida airline charter company is not only collecting donations to aid Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the Bahamas, but they’re also delivering those items daily.

Michelle Taylor from Buzz Air in Merritt Island told Spectrum News that area residents are grateful Dorian missed Brevard County, and now, they’re putting supplies they bought in preparation for the storm to good use.

Each plane can carry about 400 pounds of supplies, and it takes about an hour and 30 minutes to get there from Brevard County.

Throughout the day, Brevard-area businesses dropped off car loads of donations ranging from dog food to baby supplies.

“It's just our way to give back, somebody said all those supplies that we hoarded for this hurricane, we can pass those on to those poor people in the Bahamas,” Taylor said.

According to Buzz Air, the company donated $20,000 in fuel and are doing about four trips a day to the Bahamas, but it costs on average $450 to fuel each plane, so funds are running out.

Now, they’re asking the community to help out of they can.

“If anyone wants to donate fuel or see what supplies are needed, but we want to keep going as long as possible for as long as we are getting supplies,” Taylor explained.

Some pilots are donating their time flying into Freeport and unloading the items there. Taylor says the charter company has a special connection with the island — they are frequent flyers of the Bahamas and know a few people who live there.

“We were lucky to get by with nothing with Hurricane Dorian, and this is close to our hearts. We were in stress mode, and we are seeing the terrible things happening over there, and I think people are just moved,” Taylor said.

With every plane loaded taking off from the runway, it's a few hundred pounds of hope going to the Bahamas.

If you'd like to donate items, fuel, or your time to help Buzz Air, go to 900 Airport Road on Merritt Island or visit their website at