KISSIMMEE, Fla. — On Friday, testimony in the Everett Miller trial focused on forensic evidence. Miller is charged in the murders of Sergeant Sam Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter in 2017.

Crime scene technician after crime scene technician took the stand, all of them going through physical evidence reportedly showing that Everett Miller was present at the crime scene.

The technicians said he left behind articles of clothing, like a Pittsburgh Steelers cap and a beaded necklace.

Miller’s DNA was also collected.

“A vehicle swab, it’s a swabbing of the inside of his cheek. I also collected scrapings from under his fingernails,” said Courtney Laverdiere, a forensic technician for Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. “I collected clippings of his actual fingernails, and I collected swabbings of both of his hands.”  

Attorneys showed diagrams of Sergeant Howard’s injuries. Howard was shot in his upper lip and also near his temple. A doctor with the Medical Examiner’s Office said the gun was pretty close to Sergeant Howard at the time he was shot.

“In this particular case, this would be classified as what’s called a near-contact or intermediate because of that stippling,” Dr. Sara Zydowicz said. “So that can be anywhere from a couple of inches as much as 3-4 feet depending on the firearm, in this case I believe even closer.” 

Jurors were sent home for the day so the judge could hear arguments on whether to allow testimony from an expert on anti-government extremism.

JJ MacNab is a fellow from the George Washington University. For years she’s done research on this and keeps a close eye on the murder of every officer in America. 

MacNab said she has analyzed Everett Miller’s book requests while incarcerated and before being jailed, along with notebook writings in his car and his social media activity too.

She read one of his Facebook posts out loud: “I am a moor they follow their ancestors we should do the same. And this was in response umm following... My family tradition was killing white men.” 

Opening statements actually took place last week, but the judge put the trial on hold because of Hurricane Dorian.