SAN PEDRO, Calif. – "I can not believe this happened to my house," said Lilliana Gonzalez upon finding a swastika on the side of her San Pedro home. 

The swastika once represented Nazi Germany and still symbolizes hate today.

Gonzalez's home wasn't the only one to be vandalized. The hate symbol appeared at least a dozen times along Pacific Avenue from 17th Street to 19th Street. 

"It's all the way down from the beginning of this alley point to the street down at the end of the alley point. That's what it was and it's just terrible to have it the way it is," Gonzalez said. 

Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime and are actively looking for who's responsible.

"It's ugly. It's disgusting and we need to do something about it," said Gonzalez. 

Lion Lyons agrees with her. He's a community activist who will be holding a special meeting about the vandalism. 

"Hopefully we can get someone to come forward and put all the guys, who did all this mess, put them to justice," said Lyons.

Gonzalez has never seen anything like this and is disappointed in the people who did it.

"God created everyone all equal and we should be able to be nice to each other, happy, content, and just avoid this stupidity," she said.

Now it's up to the authorities and the community to put an end to it.