FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. — The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is putting dozens of suspected drug dealers behind bars as part of “Operation Summer Heat Wave.”

  • Suspected drug dealers arrested in "Operation Summer Heat Wave"
  • Deputies seized 28 grams of fentanyl & heroin, among others
  • Operation focused on drug dealers that have been a problem for Flagler

All Tuesday morning, deputies worked to serve 40 warrants as part of the largest undercover operation in the history of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

“The arrest warrants are the result of an eight-month undercover investigation into narcotics distribution within Flagler County," said Sheriff Rick Staly.

The operation focused on drug dealers that have been a problem for the county.

“All dealers in this operation have previously been arrested a combined 534 times," Staly said. "I hope the judicial system takes a hard line with these poison peddlers and sends them off to prison."

Deputies seized 28 grams of fentanyl and heroin, over 134 grams of cocaine, over 98 grams of MDMA, over 8 grams of meth, 3.6 pounds of cannabis and THC oil, and over 68 grams of other controlled substances.

"During this investigation, detectives seized enough fentanyl and heroin to potentially kill over 14,000 people," Staly said.

The state attorney applauded this effort, but he and the sheriff agreed that something different needs to be done to stop the drug problem for good.

“We have to have a more comprehensive approach," said R.J. Larizza, State Attorney​ for the 7th Circuit.  "We truly need to address the demand side and help folks to find ways to get off of these highly addictive and deadly drugs.”

Deputies were able to serve 23 of the warrants and are still looking for the other 17 people. If you have any tips, you are asked to contact the Flagler County Sheriff's Office. ​