ORLANDO, Fla. — Eight people were trespassed from Orlando International Airport property Friday after they were determined to be trying to bypass the Uber/Lyft lot rules to earn extra money, police say.

  • Police: Uber/Lyft drivers trying to bypass OIA rideshare queue rules
  • Detectives: Some drivers were using multiple phones to make more money
  • Investigators found discarded phones in bushes next to rideshare lot

Orlando Police said Friday that one of its airport units got information that there was illegal activity going on at the designated rideshare lot at 8301 Bear Road, and that people might be trying to steal rides from drivers.

According to Uber's agreement with OIA, Uber drivers picking up from the airport must use the designated lot to wait for rides. The app uses a "first vehicle in is the first one out" system, which means drivers are placed in a virtual queue, and the first driver to enter the special "geofenced" area is the first to get a ride request.

Detectives determined that some drivers were using multiple phones to bypass that system to try to make more money.

Officers from Orlando Police, Customs and Border Patrol, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement responded to the airport's designated rideshare lot Friday and made contact with almost two dozen people, they said.

Eight people were trespassed. In addition, nine cell phones were found in nearby bushes and trees.

No arrests were made, and the case was not immigration-related, police said.

No other details were released.