FLORIDA — Puerto Ricans here in Central Florida are celebrating the impending resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló in their own ways.

Nothing brings people together quite like food, and a certain dish can connect people to their homeland far away — like bacalaitos.

“It’s made of flour, and it’s got pieces of codfish in it, so it’s very traditional in the island of Puerto Rico,” said Luis Diaz, a cook at the Chinchorrear food truck.

Diaz and Miraluc Vazquez cook it every day, but on Thursday, this dish connected them to the victory being celebrated in Puerto Rico.

“The island is celebrating so (Miraluc) took the initiative of saying, ‘well, all Puerto Ricans are welcome here celebrating his resigning,” Diaz said.

So they gave bacalaitos away for free.

After what this island has been through, it’s good to finally get a win.

“And we still have people suffering in the island without communication or electricity so this is something we need to celebrate, we have to celebrate we finally won one battle,” Diaz said.

Elsewhere, Orlando resident Keila Velazquez was on vacation in Puerto Rico when the protests started.

She quickly joined them and was in Isabela, Puerto Rico when the announcement was made, which is about two hours from La Fortaleza, the governor’s mansion in San Juan.

Velazquez had the chance to celebrate in the heart of the action.

“It’s about... you are a Puerto Rican,” she said. “I am a Puerto Rican. We have not been treated correctly. Let’s fight for this.”

But despite the victory, the future of Puerto Rico’s leadership is still unclear. Some say they need to continue to fight for what their island needs.

“We cannot … stay quiet. We have to keep the same rhythm, the same rhythm to clean out all of the corruption," said Yolie Cintron.

Secretary of Justice Wanda Vazques is next in line to take over Rosselló's seat, but she is from the same party as Rosselló, which could lead to more protests. Vazques was accused of committing unethical behavior as well.

“That’s why Puerto Rico is also making some noise of, 'Wanda you also need to leave,'” Keila Vazquez said.

Rosselló said he will officially step down on August 2.