ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando man who investigators say worked at the Christian-based Holy Land theme park secretly filmed girls — one of whom he was familiar with —  as they showered and undressed, Seminole County Sheriff's officials say.

  • Arrest warrant lists Brian McDonald's employer as Holy Land
  • He's accused of secretly filming girls with a hidden GoPro
  • Warrant says he also filmed women walking through Holy Land

Brian Lee McDonald, 49, of Orlando is jailed in Seminole County on multiple charges of video voyeurism on a person younger than 16.

According to an affidavit for arrest warrant issued by the 18th Judicial Circuit Court, McDonald's girlfriend told investigators that on June 24, a girl found a flashing GoPro in a laundry basket in a bathroom, aimed at the shower.

When the woman viewed the contents of the SD card that was loaded in the GoPro, it contained videos of girls in various stages of undress in a bathroom and bedroom.

The woman said she also could see her boyfriend, McDonald, adjusting the camera as he hid it in various locations of a home, the warrant said.

The woman turned over the SD card to the Sheriff's Office, but she also provided investigators with text messages between her and McDonald about the videos she found. Some of the messages purported to be from McDonald listed in the warrant include:

  • "I have no defense, not even trying. I don't [expletive] know why i did what i did... it doesnt matter... it was still wrong"
  • "... Sorry wont erase what i did but yeah, i am. More sorry that we ended like this, but it was happening either way."
  • "... I have no [expletive] clue what i was thinking. There is NO EXCUSE for all my behavior, I will miss u all but i did this and i will reap what i have sown"

Forensic investigators said they found more than 220 videos on the SD card. In addition to videos of the girls dressing and showering, others showed a girl sleeping, and still others seemed to be secretly recorded as McDonald walked around The Holy Land Experience, a theme park designed like ancient Jerusalem that hosts church services.

Some of the videos on the card were of women in bathing suits, both on land and under water, investigators said. McDonald himself is seen in some of them, appearing to be hiding the camera, the warrant says.

"In all of the videos the subject appears to be focusing from the women's buttocks areas," the report says. 

Another report from the Seminole Sheriff's Office lists McDonald as a sound tech for Holy Land on 4655 Vineland Road.

Investigators think the voyeurism incidents happened between June 11, 2018 and June 24 of this year in Seminole County, according to the warrant.

Brian McDonald (Seminole County Sheriff's Office)
Brian McDonald (Seminole County Sheriff's Office)