VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — It’s one of the biggest fears for parents who own a swimming pool — their child drowning.

  • Lola Schafer, 20 months, saves herself from drowning
  • Parents credit preventative drowning swim lessons 

But 20-month-old Lola Schafer saved her own life when getting into a dire situation at her parents’ pool.

Thanks to preventative drowning swim lessons Lola took at Aqua Journeys Swim School in Ormond Beach, the toddler gained the survival instincts to save herself in a high-pressure situation.

“As soon as (your) child is crawling, that means they are mobile and able to go to water," said Carly Caldwell, owner of the swim school. "If you have a pool the sooner the better.”

Watch the video above for more of Lola’s story.