APOPKA, Fla. — A food pantry that helps hundreds of needy families in Apopka says their food stores are being depleted.

  • Loaves and Fishes says they're running low on food
  • Director Lory Reeves say donations drop heavily in the summer
  • While the supply drops in the summer, need for food only grows

Lory Reeves, director of food bank Loaves and Fishes in Apopka, says it takes a lot of food to feed around 350 families each week.

“You can see they’re getting anywhere from 20 to 25 bags of food, items in their bag of food each week… when you multiply that times the around 350 families, we’re helping each week that comes out to about 7,000 items in one week, which is about 28 to 29,000 items going out of this facility in one month,” Reeves said.

But in their warehouse, you can see empty shelves, pallets, and boxes.

“Our summer months are always, always the ones where we struggle,” Reeves said.

Reeves says people love to donate food during the holidays, but during summer their food stores get depleted because donations fall to an all-time low.

“It’s a giving season and everybody wants to give, unfortunately our families here need you year round,” Reeves said.

So while the supply drops in the summer, the need for food only grows.

Loaves and Fishes relies wholly on donations to feed these needy families and doesn’t get any assistance from any government organization.

And many of these families, especially the elderly on a fixed income, rely wholly on Loaves and Fishes as their main source of food.

“One of our senior citizens was walking out, and she said, ‘I just want you to know if it wasn’t for Loaves and Fishes, I probably wouldn’t be able to eat,’” Reeves said.

She says there’s no donation too small for them to be able to use. They also accept cash donations to buy food in bulk for families.