INDIAN SHORES, Fla. — A St. Petersburg woman is accused of tampering with ice cream at an Indian Shores restaurant, including spitting into containers and urinating on an ice cream maker.

  • Incidents occurred at LuLu's Ice Cream on Gulf Boulevard
  • Jung Soon Wypcha was charged with criminal mischief and tampering
  • Video caught her spitting into ice cream, urinating into bucket

Jung Soon Wypcha was charged by Indian Shores Police with criminal mischief and violating the state's tampering act. 

The incidents occurred between June 17 and June 22 at LuLu's Ice Cream on Gulf Boulevard, according to an affidavit obtained Tuesday by Spectrum Bay News 9.

Wypcha is reportedly the owner of the Food Mart business next door to the ice cream parlor.

According to police, surveillance video caught Wypcha "picking her nose" then sticking her fingers in ice cream, which happened June 17.

On June 22, she urinated in an ice cream bucket used to churn homemade ice cream.

Another video depicted Wypcha spitting into a product.

Store owners in shock

The owners of LuLu's Ice Cream, meanwhile, said they're still coming to grips with the knowledge of what Wypcha did to sabotage their business.

"This is our whole life," said co-owner Beth Chiulli. "We don't have anything else. I mean, this is it."

Surveillance video also showed Wypcha going into the shared space between the two businesses to use the restroom on June 17, using the facilities with the door wide open, not washing her hands, and then putting her hands inside LuLu's freezer.

Co-owner Paul Chiulli told us he couldn't believe what he saw.

"You would never think anything like that would go on anyway, so it kind of blindsided us," he explained.

"The minute we learned about this we called the authorities," Paul went on. "They were very Johnny-on-the-Spot, so they came down and we got rid of everything. So there was no question about 'did she do this?' or 'did she do that?'

Despite having to deal with this nightmare situation, the Chiulli's went to say they're committed to staying open.

"We make great ice cream," Paul said. "You know, we have five star reviews all across the board and we love what we do and we take ice cream very seriously."

"We love you," Beth said, addressing their patrons. "We're so sorry this happened."

The business told police that about $2,000 worth of damage was done to their products. 

We reached out to Wypcha for comment on this story, but did not receive a response.

Jung Soon Wypcha (Police department photo)