MELBOURNE, Fla. — More than a week after it was found, the owner of a space-themed challenge coin still hasn't come forward.

We talked to the man who designed the challenge coin for the 45th Space Wing at Patrick Air Force Base, and he thinks the coin's design could be a big clue in finding the owner.

Here are 5 things to know about the search:

1) As we reported last week, Adam Woodworth, owner of Chez Quan's in Melbourne, found the coin on the ground near a freestanding ice machine on Wickham Road. 

2) Woodworth theorizes the coin's owner was getting ice and it fell out of their pocket. He took to social media, then Spectrum News did a story last week about the search.

3) Curt Botts saw the story and knew he designed the coin logo in 1996.

4) Newly-retired, Botts served as Chief of Launch Safety for the 45th Space Wing based at Patrick Air Force Base.

5) Botts says many of the chiefs of safety provided the challenge coins to anyone who did a safety task, or promoted safety.

If you know where the coin's owner is, contact Woodworth at Chez Quan's on Aurora Road in Melbourne.

You can also contact the 45th Space Wing through Patrick Air Force Base.