ORLANDO, Fla. — A couple with ties to Central Florida is now missing in Barbados, according to loved ones.

  • Oscar Suarez, Magdalena missing in Barbados since Monday
  • Family members say they went on a jet-ski ride, never came back
  • Jet Ski hasn't been found, recovered since couple disappeared

Family members say Oscar Suarez took his girlfriend Magdalena Devil to Barbados for her birthday. But the couple disappeared during a jet-ski outing, and now family members in Orlando are doing everything they can to find them.

Suarez, who attended Freedom High School in Orlando for three years, and Devil were originally supposed to go to the Dominican Republic, but with recent travel concerns on the island, family members say they switched their plans at the last minute and booked an all-inclusive resort in Barbados instead.

On Monday, the couple went for what was supposed to be a 30-minute jet-ski ride and never came back.

“All we want is for him to come home,” Suarez’s cousin Thais Aguilar said.

It is not easy for Aguilar to talk about her cousin. She painfully recalls her last Snapchat from her cousin Monday morning, when he sent her a view from his hotel room.

Barbados authorities notified Suarez’s mother of his disappearance Tuesday, and now several family members have left for Barbados in hopes of finding their loved one.

“My cousin has literally spent the entire morning walking up and down the beach interviewing guests at the hotel, handing out the flyers to anyone who may have seen them on the beach, or seen them on the Jet Ski,” Aguilar said.

The flyer is what family members hope will help find the missing couple.

“Our family we are praying every day that we just bring them home,” Aguilar said holding back tears. “That this is that perfect story-tale ending, where we will find them, and they were just waiting for us to pick them up.”

Perhaps the toughest part for Aguilar is trying to hide what the family fears the most from his daughter who lives in Orlando.

“What do you say to a 5-year-old?” Aguilar asked. “It’s heartbreaking, because she is waiting for him to call.”

Suarez’s family has also reached out to other islands, like St. Lucia and St, Vincent, and the Grenadines, in hopes they may spot the missing couple.

No Jet Ski has been found or recovered since the two disappeared.

A $10,000 award is being offered for information that helps find the couple. Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477).