SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. — A sinkhole eyesore might be coming to an end for residents living a Villages neighborhood as crews were on the scene Wednesday trying to fix a problem that's been going on for over a year and a half.

A massive drainage project is underway in the Calumet Cove subdivision as crews dug up roads and concrete curbs, while huge pieces of infrastructure were lifted out of delivery trucks. 

"It's just disrupted everybody," Villages resident Ginny Porubski said.

Porubski and several other residents who live in the neighborhood have had to live with a construction eyesore and road detour since the portion of road collapsed a year and a half ago. 

Several attempts were made to get the matter resolved, including residents meeting with The Villages managers, the community district development and Marion County.

"We felt they didn't stand by us until a bit of pressure was put on them," Porubski said.

Villages representative Blair Bean said there's a lot of detail to go over before work could begin, including what to do about the massive sinkhole.

"We're going to abandon our old pipe in this section, because we are going to reroute with our other contractor a new drainage system that conveys all this stormwater back over to the same pond," Bean said.

The pond is also where the bulk of the new infrastructure is going. Officials hope the plan works, because nearby residents said they're ready to move out of The Villages.

A portion of Calumet Avenue will be closed during the project which is expected to take about five months to complete.