ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer delivered his annual State of the City address Monday, revealing his new goal for the City Beautiful.

  • Mayor Buddy Dyer delivers State of the City address
  • Dyers said he was Orlando to be a future-ready city
  • The mayor also talked about affordbale housing, transportation

Dyer said he wants Orlando to be America's premier future-ready city.

The mayor said Future City means not backing down on addressing tough community challenges.

Affordable housing

Dyer also hit on continuing to address the affordable housing crisis in Orlando and continuing efforts to invest in transportation infrastructure to keep the city on a successful path forward.

When it came to affordable housing Dyer said the city is currently rehabilitating or building more than 1,400 multi-family rental units and more than 160 new units that provide an opportunity for residents who want to achieve the American dream of home ownership.


It's no secret that Orlando's population is booming, and the I-4 Ultimate project is still in the middle of construction.

To help with local traffic, Dyer urged people to look into alternative travel methods, such as commuting to work on Sunrail.

“Our traffic headaches are not going to get better, they are only going to get worse,” Dyer said.

The mayor asked folks in attendance to think how much worse traffic would be if residents didn’t ride SunRail to and from work.

Someone who made the switch is Andres Guerrero -- he works at Orlando Health downtown, and says he made the switch from driving his truck to work to Sun Railthree and a half years ago.

“The ride on the train is easier and better," Guerrero of Deltona said. "I can take a nap in the morning when you wake up. You can take a nap in the afternoon if you are tired. You avoid all the traffic from I-4, and you don’t get in any accidents.”

Dyer also said that not every resident will use all the transit options in Orlando, but what he does hope is that Orlando can offer every type of transit for every Orlando resident, whether it be by bus, LYNX, bicycle, or train.

Silicon Valley

One of the Dyer's biggest pitches was to Silicon Valley. Dyer referenced a recent Inc magazine article that said Orlando's soon to be opened Creative Village would be a perfect spot for Silicon Valley to branch out.

"So to those companies and employees looking for a new home that is affordable and has access to a talent pipeline and incredible quality of life there is a place for you in creative village, come on down," Dyer said.

The mayor also said that by the year 2020 the city will add 100 electric vehicle charging stations and further continue to convert fleet cars and buses to electric.

Another initiative that Dyer mentioned was about Camping World Stadium. He said the city will continue to invest and renovate the stadium, in hopes of winning a bid to host World Cup games in 2026.