ORLANDO, Fla. — Former Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Florida) joined Political Connections to discuss hot topic issues from ethics and space, to election security and Democratic election strategy.

  • Former Sen. Bill Nelson talks the growing space program
  • Nelson thinks we should "let the private sector loose"
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Nelson served as a U.S. Senator for Florida from 2001 to 2019. He lost his seat to former Gov. Rick Scott (R-Florida) during the 2018 midterm elections.

Nelson sat down with Political Connections’ Ybeth Bruzual to discuss his current role on the NASA advisory committee, as well as the robust and growing space program.

"The Cape is coming to life. We are going to see, not too long, a launch a week, and in some cases, two launches a day. That's what's going to be happen," he told Bruzual.  

On companies like SpaceX, Nelson said, "... let the private sector loose, let the private sector, the Yankee ingenuity, the creativity, which is the genius of America, let it go, and we are seeing it in front of our very eyes."

He also talked about the 2020 presidential election, particularly the importance of election security and the Democratic strategy going into the election cycle.

Watch a clip of Nelson's interview above.

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