BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Tuesday at the National Space Club Florida luncheon, Blue Origin officials gave attendees an update on their new rocket and when can the Space Coast can expect their first launch.

Their launch pad will be completed next year, and the New Glenn rocket is set to launch in 2021, according to Blue Origin.

It's been years in the making since making the announcement in 2015, So far $2.5 billion has been invested in the New Glenn rocket.

Test and Flight Ops Vice President for Blue Origin Scott Henderson says things look much different at the facility than it did three years ago.

“We have completed the factory and the launch pad next year ahead of our 2021 launch. It’s super exciting to think just where we were a few years ago and what’s been going on since then, and it’s hard to believe that we were a five-person office, and we now have 250 people,” Henderson explained.

The New Glenn rocket will take astronauts and research payloads past the Kármán line, which is considered the boundary between earth’s atmosphere and outer space.

It's all about lowering costs by creating reusable parts. The new rockets first stage is designed to be reused at least 25 flights.

Henderson says the manufacturing center is only 9 miles away from the launch pad.

“So we are running a factory here in Florida, the only place to build a rocket, launch a rocket, recover a rocket, and refurbish a rocket — that’s what we have been investing in our 21st century rocket factory and our brand new launch pad,” Henderson explained.

According to the National Space Club Florida Committee, a nonprofit dedicated to public awareness of America’s aerospace programs, Blue Origin is here to stay, and new companies are making their way to the Space Coast too.

National Space Club Florida Committee Chairperson Butch Gardner all this new companies are creating excitement for residents and businesses.

“Smaller companies also coming to the cape, so we are seeing a proliferation of smaller launch vehicles, smaller satellites, more frequent launches all of things are adding up to create quite a bit of change, and quite a bit of excitement,” Gardner said.