MIMS, Fla. — A black bear continues to be on the move and is turning heads in north Brevard County.

There were sightings again Monday morning — this time in Mims.

Spectrum News 13 spotted the infamous black bear shading itself underneath a tree behind a small church.

"Just putting groceries up, and there he is, under a tree," said Cheyenne Fitts, who was running errands when she saw the animal on Kelly Road. "Did not expect to see him here.”

Moments later, we watched as the bear nonchalantly disappeared into nearby woods.

Less than half an hour later, the bear was walking along the street, in no hurry, and back into some woods in front of a home.

Seconds later, it was back on Cory Court, briefly snacking on a hummingbird feeder, then making its way down towards a blueberry farm now closed for the season.

"I opened up the curtain, and that bear come trotting right down here," said Don Warnick, who peeked out his window and couldn't believe his eyes.

In his 50 years living here, he's seen all kinds of wildlife — just never a bear.

"He's not out here to hurt people, he's just running because he's scared," Warnick said.

First spotted in Port St. John last week, then moving to Titusville neighborhoods from Friday into the weekend, Monday is the latest sighting for the bear, who is working its way north.

"We'll keep our distance, and he can keep his," Fitts said.

Titusville Police and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission continue to get calls. They want people to call with sightings to keep track of the bear's movements.

Officials hope it will leave the populated areas and find a home in the woods.