TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Bears are venturing into northern Brevard County, where they are rarely seen.

  • Bears are rarely seen in Brevard County
  • Development pushing bears into urban areas
  • Wildlife officials are monitoring the bears

The most recent sighting was at Manatee Hammock Campground in the Port St. John-Titusville area, just off of U.S. 1, on Friday morning.

"I'm sitting here enjoying the beautiful morning, and this huge bear, I mean like 200 pounds, 6-feet (tall) bear, just strolled right across the road here," said Robin Kinlin, who first spotted the bear. "I jumped out of my seat (and) screamed. It turned and saw us. My husband turned around, saw it, and it took off running."

What's likely the same bear was also photographed Friday morning by another camper.

This is the latest sighting of at least one bear in the Port St. John-Titusville area.

A bear was filmed by a homeowner’s security camera running across a front yard in Fay Lake Wilderness Park, just west of Interstate 95.

Bears are rarely seen in Brevard County, but with a lot of 2-year-olds fanning out to establish their own range, they may be spotted in new areas.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said they're monitoring the bear situation in the county. New neighborhoods and developments could be pushing bears to explore more urban areas, they said.

In Leesburg recently, a bear was captured on video battling a trash can that was tied shut. Even the homeowner sounding the siren on their camera didn't deter it.

Wildlife officials hope the bears will move on to areas where they can live away from people and have a steady food source. They said they will not trap them unless the bears get into trash cans, find their way into garages, or pose a threat. So make sure you secure your trash can lids and keep an eye on pets.