ORLANDO, Fla. — K.C. Borjal's apartment is on the 11th floor of a downtown Orlando high-rise.

"The view is beautiful," he said. "I live here because it’s very convenient. You know, living downtown, you kind of get around anywhere just by walking."

He was living there, at The Waverly, when Hurricane Irma swept through Central Florida in September 2017.

"The complex did give us safety routes and evacuation tips. If you’re going to evacuate, do so during these times and be sure to stock up on water, (and) fill your tub with water," Borjal said.

Those are all good tips — but you may not realize that high-rise apartments leave residents particularly vulnerable during a tropical storm or hurricane compared with a regular home.

They can quickly become an unsafe place to be during a hurricane.

Spectrum News 13 certified meteorologist Chris Gilson talked with Orlando's city manager to get some insight on why.