SATELLITE BEACH, Fla. – Satellite Beach has banned the use of weed killers containing glyphosate.

  • Satellite Beach bans weed killers containing glyphosate
  • City council approved measure Thursday
  • Prohibits use of those weed killers by the city, its contractors

The city council on Thursday unanimously approved a measure prohibiting the city and its contractors from using Roundup and other herbicides that contain the chemical.

The ban, which went into effect immediately, also means the chemical can't be used on property owned, leased, managed or operated by the city.

"Banning the use of glyphosate is a great first step in improving water quality," mayor Frank Catino said in a news release.

Glyphosate is a source of controversy among scientists, environmental and public health experts. Some studies have linked the chemical to increased cancer risk. Last month, the EPA released a proposed interim decision on Glyphosate for public comment. The decision says that the chemical is safe for the public and not a known carcinogen.

Satellite Beach's ban comes after other Florida cities, including Miami and Miami Beach.

Satellite Beach officials are currently testing and researching natural alternatives to replace glyphosate.