CLERMONT, Fla. — A Lake County high school teacher facing numerous accusations of inappropriately touching students bonded out of jail Friday.

Investigators said they have heard from other students who have come forward about East Ridge High School geometry and musical theater teacher Jason Misner's behavior since his arrest earlier Friday.

That arrest came after a 17-year-old student claimed Misner offered to give her off-site singing lessons, and that was where he reportedly sexually assaulted her.

According to the student, he would let her use his vehicle and then gave her singing lessons outside of school. She said Misner eventually asked her sexually explicit questions, and later he allegedly “became physical with her,” touching her underneath her clothes.

When investigators questioned Misner, he confirmed that he worked with the then-17-year-old student outside of school, and that he touched her because it was “necessary to regulate and monitor her breathing” while he conducted singing lessons.

Officials said the total number of battery counts against Misner is up to nine.