TITUSVILLE, Fla. — A Puerto Rican family is in shock after they received a life-changing surprise in Titusville.

  • Puerto Rican family chosen to live in home donated by Chase Bank
  • The family was displaced from Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria
  • Family chosen by Latino Leadership, Hogar Hispano

The Jurado family thought they were just getting a tour of a home, but they were given the key to it.

They were one of three families selected by Latino Leadership and Hogar Hispano to live in the home donated by Chase Bank.

Hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico, and it was very difficult for families that lost everything and moved,” Marucci Guzman Latino Leadership Executive Director said.

Hurricane Maria displaced the Jurado family, and they said the key represents new hope.

“It’s hard to explain all the emotions we’re feeling,” Jiny Santos Jurado said as tears of joy rolled down her cheek.

The family originally went to the Puerto Rican Response Center almost two years ago looking for one little favor.

“I remember the mom saying, ‘I’m here just for some toys because my kids lost everything,’“ said Marytza Sanz, Latino Leadership CEO and President.

Now, they have a home.

“We suffered, but nowhere near the families who lost loved ones,” Jiny said. “We were blessed and hope they’ll be blessed as well.”

“We can now say we completed a life purpose in our lives thanks to God,” Juan Carlos Jurado said.

Latino Leadership will be providing courses for the Jurado family on how to pay their property taxes, bills, and working with the Homeowners Association.

It’s the first home the couple has owned, and it’s only 20 minutes away from the husband’s job.